There is no going back, that is it I've hit submit. I am interested to hear anyone else's thoughts on the three ideas I have just submitted. If I get 4ip funding I will definitely need some help developing them and if I don't get any funding I'm sure I'll benefit from the community's take on why or why not they would work...

I am confident that no one will "rip off" my ideas and if you do, all I ask is that I am appropriately credited: Claire-Frances Lennon (and I of course expect, in keeping with community spirit, an appropriate percentage of the millions of pounds you will make!).

I firmly believe in the open source movement and all that it stands for. All of my ideas have of course been influence or inspired by other people, things and places around me. It is sometimes difficult to discuss 4ip and it's potential without talking about specific projects and ideas. Now that these have been submitted, I offer them to the community as examples, to discuss if anyone is interested. I look forward to the community's feedback while I am waiting to hear from the commissioners. I think 4ip is about ideas, sharing, networks and communication...
Stream Mix: A website which enables user to mix two live streams together in the same way a DJ would mix two vinyl together. Think Tracktor for MySpace/Last FM/YouTube.

Movie Music Charts: A website that charts the soundtracks from the top ten films at the box office each week. It would include links to buy cinema tickets, track downloads, reviews and a weekly podcast chart show with interviews and live sets.

Skins - The Trail Tail: A video podcast series documenting the drug trail from the narrative of a Skins episode to international drug barons. Think The GAP Year for the socially responsible globe trotting investigative reporter.

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Comment by Claire-Frances Lennon on November 4, 2008 at 12:36
Cheers Tony - this is a great help :)
Comment by Tony Black on November 4, 2008 at 10:16
Great ideas Claire, I really hope you get to carry out the Skins project. Thought it was a winner way back when.

As for the Stream Mix idea... I remember seeing an episode of Dragons Den where a guy came in with the technology to mix a selection of tracks in the style of a dj. ie beat match, fade in at appropriate point, mix and fade out again. Problem is he wanted to take on iTunes, Napster etc with his own website rather than licensing the idea (this was before apps became huge) to the big music download services. I'll have a look at see if I can find him but if the technology exists to do the mixing bit all you have to do is adapt it to mix the high quality files in MySpace Music, etc.

I've also seen a brilliant Yahoo Music app that is essentially a player for music blogs that will playlist all the music files on said blog. Perhaps you can marry these two technologies together to come up with the solution. You can see it in use on Gorilla Vs Bear and visit the app at


Comment by Claire-Frances Lennon on November 3, 2008 at 12:57
Thanks Tulip and Ivan. I am really interested in learning more about CIC companies and your post was really interesting, I read all the links you included in the post at the time so look forward to reading more in due course. I also struggled a bit with fully understanding your paten but I'll comment on that in a moment.

You should pitch a this Ivan, and if you get any work through it please keep me in mind! :)
Comment by Ivan Pope on November 3, 2008 at 9:53
I would suggest that a Crowdsourcing module for this site could be built using the Ning Opensocial sdk. Would be a brilliant project and I would happily pitch for it! I use various sites and have submitted to quite a few opportunities where the submissions are open and discussed by the community. I think to some degree we need to move past the venture funded winner keeps and takes all model to an open model of submission, discussion, decision etc. So congratulations to Claire, not stupid at all. I think the success of events like Open Coffee etc show the desire to get together and discuss projects. I've long been looking for better models for actually executing on projects - thus my post on CIC companies recently. More soon.
Comment by Tulip on November 3, 2008 at 9:35
Very brave to post your ideas for all to see, so much respect.

Really like the creative angle you have on Stream Mix and Movie Music Charts. Personally I would stress the public service value of both ideas quite strongly in your pitch, pinpointing the precise gap in the market or area of need which it fills. Sorry, that's really commissionery of me. Not sure what I would say but will have a think about it so as to at least give some suggestions.

Then again maybe there is no clear 'need' and its just about creating spaces for passionate people as with this site:
Comment by Stuart Cosgrove on November 2, 2008 at 8:54
Its a dialoge we have inside 4iP. Maybe a sub-site or a clever use of 38mins and the west midlands sister site whoneedsthesea? Those that want security and confidentiality can vote to go down that route, but those that want open dialogue and a mini-version of 'crowd-sourcing' should be allowed that option too. Good ebate which once again points to the very different notions of IPR ownership
Comment by Claire-Frances Lennon on November 2, 2008 at 4:20 is not servicing this vital aspect of devlopment in the Nations & Regions nor is it providing a new voice to the international multi-platfrom culture - as yet! This site therefore, because those whom share similar values; in realtion to internet or digital media technology and culture in the UK, can use it as a space to make it work for them... or move to London...
Comment by Claire-Frances Lennon on November 1, 2008 at 13:26
Thanks for the support Stuart and for your feedback. I have had feedback from people (interestingly privately not on this site) that this was a really "stupid" thing to do. However, this is creatively where I am at the moment and looking to use this space to network. Not just to get a 4ip commission. The real potential of this site is to develop an authentic community of people that can work together. Do you mean there should be an additional site for this the "potential for a crowd sourcing sub-site"?
Comment by Stuart Cosgrove on November 1, 2008 at 11:48
Thanks for taking this approach Claire. I'd love it to be more widely used at 4iP. Potential for a crowd sourcing sub-site maybe?

Stream Mix: Good concept and I'd use it but is there a cearre public purpose rather than just being technologically capable of being done?

Movie Music Charts: Commercial idea that could be picked up by quite quickly again maybe lacks a deeper public purpose.

Skins - The Trail Tail: Much clearer public purpose and a subject touched on in this months' .net magazine brodacsting for the edge.
Comment by Claire-Frances Lennon on October 31, 2008 at 15:16
Don't think the community can replace ever the Commissioner! There have been a lot of anxieties about IP and ownership and thought it would be useful to discuss these with an example within the community. These ideas do not have any value unless/until they are commissioned. I hoped that this helps demonstrate that sharing is a really positive thing. By the time you have a chance to read the full proposal hopefully I will have developed these further and that other people in the community are happy to discuss and share more of their ideas and thinking.

Do it first. Make trouble. Inspire change...


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